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Army bad lads

Look at the army bad lads, real video of the barracks. Our gay spy cam penetrated the British Army and recorded on video the most remarkable moments. Recruits arrive at the assembly point, they stripped and inspected. Boys are shy.

We will see how they live recruits as they take a shower, what they do at [...]

Men’s locker room

Click here to download videos from hidden cameras men locker rooms. Our hidden camera installed in the locker room of the police station. Hot straight guys take off clothes and taking a shower, a mini spy camera records. Watch gay spy cam? Here it is. Muscular body boys are hot, they [...]

Military sex

I am in shock. Because he saw the military sex, and even in the Russian barracks. This is a short video about the Russian army, the young soldiers harass another soldier. These hazing gay occurred in the Russian army where gay sex is prohibited.The guy willingly accept bullying. I heard that the Russian army there [...]

Soldiers in the toilet

The soldiers in the toilet masturbate, gay spy cam records. Soldiers from Russia. This is the Russian army. Look at what the soldiers do when they think that alone. These guys are natural and open. And rightly so, because they do not know that their records hidden camera. Our camera can do everything, even [...]


It’s time to confess to another passion is military. Well, not so that passion, but here’s attraction is here. Are sometimes that you want. Rough male sex, sighs to sex hungry guy. These guys are sincere and touching. They are strong, as well as in sex. Odor form, barracks [...]

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