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Clothet Male- Naked Male

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Boys web wank

It has 10 young men. Wank. Boys masturbating on webcam,  show dick and ass. Look at their naked bodies and enjoy. This is better than gay porn. This boys has a real and straight. This is a great video from a private collection. It was difficult to record this video, but it turned out.
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Gay hazing

If you press on the picture, then you will see videos gay hazing in college. Adults guys decided to organize a junior class put to the test. In this college all the boys are friends with girls and they are all straight. But it had to break down and prove to the hazing gay that [...]

Hazing porn

Hey there sons, so this week we get a jab out of a rather extraordinary submission, This Frat had their pledges endure a series of physical,mental and loyalty test. the frist test was to notice if they had the cojones to join. the second tested their lunatic abilities answering some questions, and the third was a coordination test enjoy you they had to do the entirety thing the whole kit and caboodle nine yards this while being buck naked in a excitable garage hulking of men yelling obscenities towards them. at the end of the day the gentlemen had Them sword fight with their weenies and the losers would possess to belt sponge and fuck each other. its do or die time so be quick or be dead.

Gay orgy of frat

So this week we received a submission from a local frat. These frat equals had their pledge blind folded on his knees while 2 sons one with a shirt that held fuck and the other with a shirt that said thirst-quencher cocktail, they simultaneously jerked it and who ever came aphrodisiac the pledge would possess to do what it held on their shirt. so this trim pledge was fucked either way. but this pledge trooped it out and took it freak out on a masculine since the rest of the frat cheered and chanted. who would of said college would be own the benefit of this eh?

Hazing gays

Coo-Coo its binge time bros! so this week we received another submission from the coo-coo chap. this time they had their freshmen running around pushing a oversize ball wearing jockstraps. this was one spastic video. we were laughing our rumps off here. SO this is how it worked. Number two teams the winners are exempt from hell week. the losers not only get it twice as naughty but had to free from each other off to prove their worth to the boys. College is really flipped out you partners are messed up he-he but it sure is relish to watch!

Cock in slide

Okay so this week we possess something a lil different, a human stick in n slid. this man sent us his frat initiation video and it was fetching rad. this macho had sum his pledges laying draught and they each took turns sliding on top of each other. good-looking unique idea we were impressed! throw in a petite discovered oil wrestling and we enjoy ourselves a bender! But unfortunately the losers had to remove liquid it up and take it adore champs after all its not get a access out of anyone would learn this right? HE-HE

Protein Shake

These pledges are planning a prank on one of their studs, and the universe shebang goes marvelous well to plan, until they get caught wanking on his door buss! They get herded into his dorm room and the menfolk lay into Them with some genteel hazing!! Realised jumping jacks, some tea bagging and then a couple of the pledges are made to fuck each other, and it really seemed possess a ball these brothers liked it a bit, even though they kept saying they hated it. HA-HA-HA

Sex in pool

there is nothing take gladness in a subtle summer time splash, especially when the pool is father made and ghetto rigged coz fuck! those slim pledges had to court blind folded in this hole in the ground filled with water. The winners of cuz were excempt from hell week but the losers had to pay the ultimate price! I mean its not embarrassing enough playing found in a crude fake pool. since punishment because losing these unfortunate pledges had to bruise the bottle each their off in chest of their mankind and paternal pledges.

Gay Porn Orgy

Okay, so this week we got a rather sweaty submission. The pledges in this frat had to clean the unqualified frat house after a jag…wearing lip green outfits. These frat kinsmen didn’t give a shit and went lot nine yards out with their pledges. As the remote studs cleaned the house, the men would walk behind ‘em and make more of a mess. That is until the alpha sons came back from golfing and decided they wanted to look tenderly their balls cleaned…and I don’t mean their golf balls. Those lean pledges had to look tenderly against their mankind balls clean. Talk about a spit hug with a very jizzy ending!
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